WLP offers in-house alterations with Knoxville’s most

experienced and professional alteration specialists.


For most women, their wedding gown is the first and perhaps only garment they wear that is made just for them and fits flawlessly. That’s part of what makes a wedding gown so special! To make the process as easy as possible for our brides, we offer in-house alterations to achieve the perfect fit in a stress-free and convenient environment. One-on-one fittings take place in our boutique with alteration specialists who collectively have over 22+ years of experience and have worked with hundreds, if not thousands, of brides and wedding dresses.

Frequently asked questions about custom fittings


How long does the alterations process take?

We recommend starting your alterations about 2-3 months prior to your wedding date. Some gowns require multiple fittings to ensure the perfect fit. Even if your gown does not require many alterations, we always suggest starting the alterations process as soon as possible to alleviate any last-minute stress as your wedding day approaches.

How much do alterations cost?

We offer a package price for bridal and bridesmaid alterations. The bridal package is $295+tax. This package include: basic alterations (which are considered side seams, bust seams, hem, straps, and a bustle), 2 steaming and pressings, and storage until scheduled wedding date. Extra charges may occur for the following but not limited to: weight gain or loss ($50-$75, plus materials cost), maternity ($35+depending on complexity), or any custom changes (i.e. cutting off train, elaborate bustles, or neckline changes). Altering a bridal jacket will be between $35-$55.

The optional package for bridesmaid’s, flower girl and mother’s dresses is $65+tax. This package includes only; side seams, bust seams, hemming, straps, and storage. Should size change due to weight loss/gain for the dress be taken in 2 or more sizes throughout the dress, you will incur an additional charge. If the dress must be converted to a maternity dress, there will be a maternity charge, starting at $25 (plus the cost of necessary materials).

What if I purchased my gown elsewhere?

No matter where you purchased your gown, you are welcome to use our in-house alterations services. We offer an “Outside” Alterations Package for $395+tax. We prefer that you set up a consultation appointment for any custom changes to ensure that we can offer the fit and look you are looking for.

How should I prepare for my first fitting?
  • It is important to bring your wedding shoes to your first fitting so your seamstress can determine the changes needed to hem your gown.
  • If you have an idea of which undergarments you will be wearing on your wedding day, please bring those with you to your first fitting. If you need help figuring out which undergarments will work best with your gown, the seamstress can give you advice about that.
  •  Our seamstresses and bridal stylists can help you incorporate any special itms to your wedding day look, for example by stitching a small piece of fabric from your mother’s wedding dress into the lining of your gown for your “something old”, or sewing a piece of ribbon into your hem for your “something blue”!
What should I expect during my first fitting?

You will be asked to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your fitting if you need to purchase any undergarments for your fitting. Your appointment slot is 30 minutes which is enough time to ensure that you will have the perfect fit for your wedding day. 

The alteration specialist will see how everything fits and give you an idea of any additional alterations that may be needed. She will pin you while you are wearing the dress and talk through the next steps. At the end of your appointment, your seamstress will set up your next appointment that will work best for your schedule during any available slots she has open.